North Market is a place where you can find Ohio’s best independent merchants and farmers, as well as makers of all kinds. Come for the fresh produce or handmade goods – there are plenty to choose from.

A visit here will make your mouth water with excitement because not only does North Markets have some great food options like gourmet ice cream at Glerups (yum!), but it also has specialty stores that carry anything someone could need: meats & cheeses; locally-made jewelry, and imported linens.

North Market is a haven for locals and tourists alike with its selection of delicious food, exciting shopping opportunities, and friendly service. It is among the most popular destinations in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This is due in part to its size- it’s one of the largest farmer’s markets in the city- but also because of the high quality of the goods on sale. There is something for everyone at the North Market, whether you’re looking for fresh produce, deliciously prepared food, or unique souvenirs. Make sure to put this market on your list of things to do in Columbus.

North Market has something for everyone. It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays, starting in June until October. You can find fresh produce near the exit door as you walk into this market – what are your plans? Here, you can find some of the freshest and most delicious produce around. This amazing market is home to dozens of vendors, each with its own unique selection of fruits and vegetables.

The North Market is a mecca for foodies and shoppers alike. Whether you’re looking to purchase cupcakes or kettle corn, there are plenty of delicious options available at this market. You can also find unique items such as handmade jewelry made with careful craftsmanship that would make the perfect gift idea if your loved one loves something original from out-of-towners like myself who happen to stop by on their way home after work one day.

If you want to get a great sense of the energy all around Columbus, come visit North Market. This isn’t just about picking up some produce- it’s also an outstanding place for congregating with locals and seeing how proud we are of our culture.

The North Market is a historic market that has been around for more than 140 years. It’s an excellent location to find fresh produce, meat, and dairy products, as well as a variety of other items like flowers and pet supplies. The market is also home to a number of great restaurants and food stalls, making it the perfect area to grab a quick bite or take a break from shopping.

North Market’s Address: 59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215.

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