Northside is a vibrant neighborhood just five miles northwest of Cincinnati, OH‘s central business district. It is home to dozens of locally owned businesses along a two-mile stretch of US-127/Hamilton Avenue and its side streets, making it a popular destination for entertainment, nightlife, and shopping. The Hoffner Historic District and the Northside Business District are located in the area between Hamilton and Spring Grove Avenues, and both include distinctive Italianate architecture that nods to the city’s German heritage.

Northside is a funky neighborhood with a great selection of restaurants and pubs, from chic cafés to beer-centric bars to trendy pizza and taco joints. In addition to restaurants, bars, and clubs, Ludlow Avenue also features gourmet markets, vintage boutiques, and tattoo studios. The neighboring Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, which dates back to the 1840s and features miles of jogging and hiking routes, is a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.

The convenience of Northside’s commercial center as a pedestrian destination and social hub is a major selling point for the area. Despite a meteoric rise in redevelopment and popularity, Northside’s population has remained extremely diversified for the better part of the previous several decades.

People from all walks of life congregate in Northside’s parks, pubs, restaurants, and shops, including business owners, artists and musicians, young families and older residents who have raised children here, arts administrators, young professionals, college students and educators, skilled-laborers, and technicians, often with a shared vested interest in preserving the neighborhood’s unique sense of community.

The Northside neighborhood is well-known for its history of activity, which has consistently served the needs of local organizations and benefited the lives of its citizens. The annual Northside 4th of July Parade and Rock n Roll Carnival, held in close proximity to one another, are great examples of this, as they feature many of the city’s most famous residents and unique characters. Many Northsiders and guests take advantage of the area’s diverse business and communal space offerings to hold informal cultural salons.

In addition to the many local attractions, nature lovers will be pleased to learn that Northside is only a five-minute drive from Mt. Airy Forest, Buttercup Valley Preserve, and Parkers Woods Nature Preserve. Northside is often significantly cheaper than comparable neighborhoods throughout the city, despite being home to several outstanding restaurants, pubs, and breweries; being relatively close to downtown, and being situated near an abundance of green spaces.

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