South Collinwood is a neighborhood in eastern Cleveland that is well-liked due to its reasonable housing costs, accessibility, and welcoming atmosphere. The median age here is estimated to be 36,4 and around half of the households are made up of young people. There are a number of family-friendly activities and decent schools in this area of Cleveland.

As a suburban neighborhood, South Collinwood is enlivened by the numerous parks that dot the landscape. Thanks to the convenient location of surrounding roads, getting to and from South Collinwood is a breeze.

South Collinwood is a predominantly minority Cleveland area, despite its reputation as one of the city’s “whitest” neighborhoods. South Collinwood attracts a diverse population because of its cheap rent trends and affordable housing alternatives. By considering this data, it’s clear to see why many families and young professionals choose to settle in South Collinwood.

We know this part of Ohio has a high risk of flooding due to past disasters and patterns. The high yearly precipitation levels and the proximity of South Collinwood to Lake Erie make flooding a serious concern for the area’s residents.

In the period from 1950 to 2010, severe hail storms accounted for almost 25% of all weather events. Storms with high winds and heavy rain accounted for roughly half of all weather disasters. Tornadoes are possible in this area due to the combination of supercell thunderstorms and weather from Lake Erie. Over 40 tornadoes with documented magnitudes of 2 or higher struck this area between 1950 and 2010.

Nearly 40% of the locals in this Cleveland neighborhood have commute times of 20 minutes or less. The remaining 40% of commuters say they spend between 25 and 35 minutes every day on the road. The nearest access to Interstate 90 is immediately north of South Collinwood. In addition, to the east of the area is Interstate 271, which makes getting about Cleveland a breeze.

St. Clair Avenue serves as a major boundary between this area and North Collinwood. Just south of the area, homeowners have easy access to another major thoroughfare, Euclid Avenue. Cuyahoga County Airport, serving long-distance flights, is located about 6 miles to the east. Meanwhile, South Collinwood is located 8 miles southwest of Downtown Cleveland.

South Collinwood is served by one of Ohio’s major public school districts, Cleveland Metropolitan. Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which enrolls more than 40,000 students throughout its schools, is one of the most economically and racially diverse student bodies in Ohio.

Standard public school classrooms here have about 15 students to one instructor. Cleveland Metropolitan School District schools provide gifted and talented programs, and state test results show that around 30 percent of children are proficient in reading and math at those schools. Schools in the district also provide a wide range of extracurricular opportunities for students, including highly regarded athletics programs.

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