The Dublin Link

The Dublin Link crosses the Scioto River in the center of Dublin’s, connecting both the east and west parts of Riverside Crossing Park and Dublin’s past and present – from Historic Dublin to Bridge Park District. The bridge has the honor of being the longest single-tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the US and the world. It also acts as a monument to the values of those who live in Dublin – connectedness and inclusivity. Thousands of Dublin residents walk, bike, or skate across the bridge every week, which is exactly what the local government wanted when construction on the bridge began in 2013. By connecting these two parts of the city, it transformed the city into a walkable, livable, and connected community for visitors and residents alike.


The architect Paul Endres wanted to create an iconic and beautiful bridge that was functional and gave character to the city no matter what direction it’s viewed from. His design has certainly accomplished that goal – the bridge is capable of withstanding winds up to ninety miles per hour and can hold more than a thousand people at one time. The bridge is truly a work of art and fits perfectly into the Dublin landscape, making the city even more gorgeous than it already is. The Dublin Link is a prominent and important part of the city’s skyline, and it brings people into the heart of downtown Dublin.


The bridge has won several awards in the field of architecture in 2020 including the National Council of Structural Engineers Association’s Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, the Association for Bridge Construction and Design’s Outstanding Special Purpose Bridge Award, and the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania’s Transportation Project of the Year.


The 760 foot long bridge has an elegant curve that is comparable to an “S” shape. The reason for this is to make the bridge more aesthetically pleasing, as well as increase pedestrian safety. The towers on the bridge are made to look like they are holding up the sky, and the effect is stunning. The Dublin Link is equipped with an LED lighting system that changes color to add a bit of whimsy to the bridge and truly makes it one-of-a-kind. When it is lit up at night, the lights are often an homage to an event that is happening in the world and change in accordance with the seasons, holidays, and community events as well. It adds to the magical atmosphere of the city, and it’s one of the many reasons why Dublin is such a wonderful place to live.


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