Tremont, Cleveland’s urban village, is conveniently located along the Towpath Trail and only a few minutes from the heart of the city.

Tremont is a creative, residential neighborhood with trendy art galleries highlighting local talent and boutiques selling items by cutting-edge emerging designers. The beautiful St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral, built in the Slavic style, is one of the city’s most famous attractions.

Tremont has a long and storied past, reaching back to the early 1800s, making it one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods. Visitors from all over the region and the country flock to the neighborhood now because of its award-winning restaurants, vibrant art scene, boutique boutiques, picturesque churches, and exciting events that bring the community together.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood in Cleveland that borders the Towpath Trail, your sole option is Tremont. Opportunities for visitors and locals alike may be found in Tremont thanks to the abundance of outdoor pursuits available here.

Visit Tremont for a day of excitement, whether you’re with your human or canine family and friends.

Towpath Trail is a historic pathway that stretches for 101 miles along the original path of the Ohio & Erie Canal. This section of the route is unique in that it leads directly into a residential area, bringing together the best of urban life with the splendor of nature.

Tremont is a great place to go window shopping and browsing art galleries because the entire area is easily accessible on foot. Shop local and support our community by spending the day exploring our many galleries, cafes, boutiques, bookshops, and record stores.

Germans, Greeks, and East Slavs are just a few of the immigrant groups that have called Tremont home over the years. St. Michael the Archangel, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, St. Augustine, St. John Cantius, and St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral are just a few of the historic churches located there. The area has had rapid development over the past few decades and now features numerous restaurants and art galleries. It has also become a regional cultural hub, drawing the attention of technology firms that intend to invest in the area’s future growth and preservation.

When Ohio City was still a separate town, the area currently known as Tremont was a part of it from 1836 to 1854. Previously, Tremont had been a part of Brooklyn Township. Tremont remained independent until 1867 when it was annexed by Cleveland. Cleveland University, which no longer exists, inhabited a portion of Tremont for a short time in the 1850s, and prior to being named Tremont, the area was known as University Heights (not to be confused with the eastern Cleveland suburb of the same name).

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