When you’re looking for a more luxurious place to call home in Powell, the Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes neighborhood of Powell might be exactly what your heart desires. This Powell area has an average real estate price that is $744 824, which makes it more costly than 96.4% of the neighborhoods across Ohio and 82.2% of the neighborhoods across the United States.

In the Wedgewood/ Emerald Lakes area, rentals average $1.291 per month – which is higher than 69% of neighborhoods across Ohio.

Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes is a wonderful suburban community to call home. With its picturesque views of the lake, peaceful atmosphere, and close proximity to all that life has to offer, this Powell community will impress you every time.

The cozy Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes neighborhood has something for everyone. It’s home to many large, beautiful homes with plenty of space inside and out; not only do you get your own private yard, but also lush green trees line walked streets giving this area an extra sense apart from others around here.

The neighborhood of Wedgewood/ Emerald Lakes is an excellent community to live in if you like the idea of residing in an area with lots of space. The neighborhood has both single-family homes as well apartment complexes or high-rise apartments that provide residents with all they need for their everyday lives.

The Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes neighborhood is a high-demand area, with many people living in single-family homes. There are also apartments for those who can’t afford more expensive properties or don’t want the responsibility of maintaining them on their own accord; this includes renters as well.

The Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes neighborhood is an excellent community for those who want the benefits of an established community but without being too dated. Many homes in this Powell area were constructed between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back even further into history! And don’t forget about all these new builds that came after 2000–they’re sure worth checking out too.

The people who reside in the Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes neighborhood often choose to drive themselves to work rather than take public transportation. This higher proportion of car ownership may be due, at least partly, because it’s close enough for most residents who work across town – but still has plenty going on outside that atmosphere.

The Wedgewood / Emerald Lakes community is a great place to live if you’re an executive. Not only are the residents wealthy and educated, but the area also tends to have high real estate appreciation rates that keep up with their luxurious lifestyles. If these qualities sound appealing for your next career move or home purchase decision, then this might be where you want to settle down in Ohio – better than 95% of other neighborhoods across Ohio.

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