Powell North is a quiet, peaceful community with plenty of green spaces and easy access to downtown Powell, OH.

The community of Powell North has a suburban feel with its quiet streets and sidewalks lined by trees. This is among the best suburban neighborhoods in all of Ohio for those who prefer peace, privacy, and clean air – not to mention amazing views.

The median price of homes in the Powell North community is $510,300, which makes it more expensive than 97.1 percent of neighborhoods across Ohio and 76 percent nationwide.

The cost of renting in this Powell area is significantly higher than in most other Ohio neighborhoods. The average rental price across all types of homes and apartments has been recorded at $3,022, which makes it more expensive than 99.6% of the neighborhoods across Ohio.

The Powell North community is an excellent location to call home. The area’s real estate predominantly consists of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and townhomes, but there are also some larger properties available as well.

In the Powell North neighborhood, most of these homes are owner-occupied. Some newer constructions can be found in this Powell area, with many dating back to 2000 or more recently, while there is also a number constructed between 1970 and 1999 as well.

When you drive around this Powell neighborhood, one thing that will immediately stand out is how new all the homes here seem. With their fresh paint jobs and well-maintained lawns for yards, it’s clear these houses were constructed within recent years – probably less than 10 or 20 years altogether. In fact, 72% of residential real estate in the Powell North community can be classified as newer construction (built after 2000).

The lack of housing in the Powell North neighborhood is a major issue. The current vacancy rate sits at 2%, which means that there are far fewer properties available than people looking to live here.

The beautiful Powell North neighborhood is considered among the most desirable places to live, thanks largely due to its proximity and quality schools. It has a high-class population that includes executives who maintain both educational progress while living comfortably off their incomes; if you’re an executive looking for this type of environment, then consider making plans to move here.

In the Powell North neighborhood, people are more likely to get to work by driving themselves instead of taking public transportation. In fact, this Powell area has a higher proportion than most parts of America, with 95%+ of its residents relying on cars for transport.

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