Center of Science and Industry has provided Ohio with all things science for 58 years, inspiring interest in STEM topics. They deliver an experiential “hands-on fun” brand that helps teach children about the importance of their education by engaging them through play practical application learning style.

The center’s goal is to inspire future generations so they can be responsible citizens who vote wisely or care deeply for animals abroad while understanding how technology works at home.

COSI is a great place to visit for both children and adults. Whether you’re looking for hands-on activities or just want some time outdoors, there are plenty of things at this museum that will suit your needs. This is a trusted educational resource for families, schools, and community partners. It’s an essential element in our neighborhood that annually engages more than one million people through onsite experiences as well as online ones.

COSI is committed to serving all members of our diverse community with amazing science experiences. Whether you’re an experienced scientist or just learning about planet Earth, COSI has something for everyone! Alongside nine galleries showcasing world-class traveling exhibitions and 300+ permanent interactive exhibits inside the facility’s grounds – there are also live shows that will make your inner child BESIDE themselves in excitement (and maybe even a little bit too much); plus, Little Kidspace® where preschoolers can explore hands-on before they enter 1st grade and a Planetarium.

COSI is more than just an educational institution. They reach out to the community and provide resources that can help people of all ages find knowledge on any given topic, whether it be science or language arts.

This beautiful location is a beacon of accessible STEM learning for all. Whether it’s serving as an educational resource or playing an integral part in downtown revitalization – COSI will always strive to engage and inspire both children AND adults with their vision-driven programs.

COSI’s various learning opportunities give all of its patrons the tools and knowledge they need to pursue lifelong education. This fosters an environment where everyone can participate in STEM-related fields and prepare themselves for future challenges like those faced by 21st-century professionals every day through active engagement with technology skills training programs offered at their center as well as other activities that teach important life lessons about creativity or engineering your own solutions rather than waiting around expectantly hoping someone else will make them happen.

This has been a place of creativity and discovery for over 50 years. Through their commitment to inclusivity, they’ve created more than 36 million memories with guests since opening day.Address: 333 W Broad St, Downtown Columbus, OH 43215.

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