Hourly Catering Pricing

Service fee:

$70/Hour – For menu planning, shopping, cooking & cleaning up for your event + the cost of groceries. 

Production Charge: $10 per guest
Estimated Grocery Cost: $20-30 per guest



Food cost listed above is an estimate only, and will vary depending on the chosen menu. Client is responsible for all food costs for the event, and will be provided with copies of receipts. We typically shop at Kroger or Whole Foods, and we maintain a priority on quality and freshness.


Includes chafing dishes, serving platters and table cloth for the serving table, disposable cocktail plates and cocktail napkins and all other equipment. The production charge also includes custom printed menu tent cards and votive candles for the buffet table.


Clients must have a working kitchen with a stove, oven, fridge, basic pots and pans, tables and chairs for all guests, and all table-service items (silverware, water & wine glasses, and plates). 


All alcohol and beverages will be provided by the client.


Deposit of $100 required to reserve your event date. Any remaining service fees, as well as the production cost and entire cost of the groceries, is due on the first business day following your event. Deposit may be made via ACH or credit card (paying with credit card will include a 3% fee).Half the deposit amount is non-refundable if the event is canceled by the client. There is no refund if the event is canceled with less than a week’s notice.


If you feel your chef(s) went above and beyond to provide excellent service, feel free to tip them directly, or as a part of your final payment. Typical gratuity is suggested as 20% of the service fee.