Oakley is a dynamic and expanding neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakley is a historic and middle-class neighborhood known for its excellent walkability, beautiful parks, several locally owned and national chain retail shops (including Oakley Square), and excellent dining options.

The residential areas of Oakley, the ninth-largest neighborhood in Cincinnati, have remained peaceful while the business and entertainment districts have flourished. There seems to be a decent cross-section of folks here, from recent college grads to established families. As a rapidly developing Cincinnati neighborhood, Oakley attracts families looking for a suburban feel close to the city.

The vast majority of Oakley’s housing stock is rental, providing its residents with a unique blend of urban and suburban life. Oakley features a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, parks, and other places to have fun. Many young professionals live in Oakley, and the area is known for its conservative politics. The public schools in Oakley are among the best in the country.

Oakley lies in the northeastern region of the city, just four miles from the famous Ohio River. The neighborhoods of Pleasant Ridge to the north, Madisonville to the east, and Hyde Park to the south border Oakley, an unincorporated village in Hamilton County, Ohio. Oakley is often described as the “community next to Hyde Park.”

Oakley is located in the 45209 zip code, and if you want to get to the heart of Cincinnati, you should head in a southwestern direction. Oakley’s proximity to I-71 and the Norwood lateral makes it an attractive residential and commercial location for commuters. Erie Avenue, Madison Road, and Marburg Avenue are just a few of the important roads that go through the area.

Oakley is known for its pedestrian and bicycle friendliness, yet driving is still necessary to go from one end of the area to the other. Don’t have a car? Oakley, Cincinnati residents may easily reach bus stops and ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber thanks to the neighborhood’s central location. Each of Oakley’s 10 bus stops on Madison Rd. and Marburg Ave. is serviced by buses from Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority.

Back when it was known as “Four Mile,” Oakley was a favorite halt for wagoners traveling the old route that is now Madison Road. The town of Oakley was named after the huge oak trees that once covered the area. Oakley, which became a municipality in 1898, is a prosperous suburb that has grown rapidly since its founding. Some of the earliest establishments in the neighborhood included the Oakley Race Course, Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, Geier Esplanade, and Twentieth Century Theatre, all of which contributed to the quick rise of the city.

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