The beautiful and serene Orange community is a great place to call home. With its median real estate price of $369,000, this neighborhood is more costly than 91.5% of the neighborhoods across Ohio and 62.5% of the neighborhoods across the United States. The overall cost of living here can be high, but if you have money, then this might just be worth it.

It’s no surprise that the median real estate price in this Powell, OH neighborhood is higher than average. With beautiful homes like these, it makes sense why people would want to live here.

The cost of renting in this suburban area is higher than 89% of other neighborhoods across Ohio. The average monthly rental price for an apartment comes out to be about $1,632, which isn’t too bad considering all that you’re getting.

The Orange neighborhood is among the most diverse in terms of real estate. There are homes that range from small, three-bedroom apartments to large five-bedrooms with multiple rooms available for rent or purchase.

The homes in the Orange neighborhood are great for families. With numerous options, there’s no shortage of real estate here. The area has everything you need, from single-family houses and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments that can accommodate your needs to whatever size family fits best – whether it be two people or 6+.

The beautiful Orange neighborhood is home to many families who have been there for decades. The area has a mix of old and new construction, with homes dating back as far as the 1960s or 1970 when it was established by developers during that time period but also featuring houses built more recently after 2000.

The neighborhood of Orange has a low rate of vacancies- it’s just 0%. This implies that there are few available properties in this suburban area, and people who want to reside here must be willing to take whatever they can get, which may not always work out well if you’re expecting something comfortable.

Just by looking at the homes in this neighborhood, you can tell they are some of the biggest around. The sizes and shapes make for a strong visual statement that is not found elsewhere- something special indeed.

The homes in the Orange community are large and beautiful, making them stand out against their surroundings. They also have more space than most other neighborhoods. When you drive or walk through the community, your eyes will be greeted by impressive architecture that won’t go unnoticed for long before it has an effect on what is already one of Ohio’s best locations.

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