Powell East is among the several neighborhoods located in Powell, Ohio. This suburban neighborhood is situated east of the city and is home to numerous families and young professionals. Powell East offers a variety of housing preferences, including single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. The neighborhood has a community park with a basketball court, playground, and picnic area.

The median real estate price in the Powell East community is $313,506, which makes it more expensive than 84.1% of the neighborhoods across Ohio and 53.6 percent nationwide. The area has more than enough amenities for all types of individuals with its combination of commercial spaces on the main street as well residential homes surrounded by nature right outside your doorstep.

The cost of renting an apartment in this Powell neighborhood can be costly. With an average rental price of $1,805 per month, it is higher than 93.5 percent of neighborhoods across Ohio which makes them one of the most expensive areas for renters.

The Powell East area is a great neighborhood to reside in if you’re looking for medium-sized single-family homes with either one or two bedrooms. The community also has plenty of townhomes that can accommodate those on tight budgets, as well.

The Powell East neighborhood features a variety of well-built homes, most of which are owner-occupied. The residences here were built between 1970 and 1999, with a number of homes also constructed between 2000 and the present. This Powell neighborhood is a great preference for those who appreciate quality construction, as many of the homes here are quite sturdy. Additionally, the residents of Powell East are friendly and welcoming, making this an excellent place to call home.

Powell East is one of the few neighborhoods in America where you can find more same-sex couples living together than 98.3% of American neighborhoods. If your wants include finding an accepting and supportive community, look no further.

The Powell East neighborhood is a great community for executive lifestyles. This is based on the executives, educated professionals, wealthy, and managers who choose to live here. The spacious residences that are noticeable features of the real estate in this Powell community are also a big draw for executives. And finally, the high rates of real estate appreciation found here relative to other communities in our beautiful state make it a great choice for executive living.

The picturesque neighborhood of Powell East is a place where opportunity thrives. With 32% of homes and real estate here classified as rowhouses or other attached buildings, this area offers plenty to the right person who’s looking for their perfect home in Powell.

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