Riverside Crossing Park Plaza

The Scioto Riverside Park was a game-changing vision for one of the most significant civic and natural areas around Dublin, Oh. It’s a link between Historic Dublin and the middle of Bridge Park, and is a larger system of local parks and recreational systems. There are many bicycle and pedestrian facilities, canoe and kayak access points, and natural links to the Scioto River.


The west side of Riverside Park is closer to nature, with availability to the Indian Run greenway, water access, and trail networks. Paths on the north and south side of the park are connected by a bridge, allowing for people to cycle or walk across the park from one side to another. The paths are lined with trees and include picnic areas and traditional spaces for football, soccer, lacrosse, Frisbee golf, etc. These infrastructure systems dovetail into existing parks that connect along the Indian Run greenway, to the Scioto River, and into Bridge Park.


The east side of Riverside is elevated above the floodplain, so it gives a good location for public gatherings and events, as well as a great view of the river. The plaza is accessible by the Dublin Link bridge, and has restaurants, shops, a library, and a wider range of attractions east and west. The park also has public restrooms, drinking fountains, and an ADA-accessible playground.


The east and west sides of the park make up over 36 acres of land available to the public for use. The plaza and pavilions give shade to visitors and provide a great place to relax or enjoy a game of pickup basketball. The pavilion has a green roof, a gas fireplace, and a seating area that allows you to sit and enjoy the view of the river. The built in amphitheater creates a great space for public events and performances. Fiber optics were built into the park’s infrastructure to provide free WiFi to park visitors, allow for security cameras throughout the parks, and provide the ability to have LED lighting in the park that can change colors for different events.


The park is a great resource for recreation, and through its connection to the Scioto River provides people with the chance to explore this natural space and enjoy all that it has to offer.  Whether you are hiking along the trails, fishing in the river, or simply relaxing by one of the many pavilions and plazas that the park has to offer, Riverside Crossing Park Plaza is a great place for people of all ages and interests.


M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve


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