Why is portion control important for Your Body?

What Makes Portion Size So Important?

When it comes to maintaining your health, there are a lot of factors that you need to monitor and manage, and portion control is a big part of it. No matter what you eat, you need to make sure that there’s at least some moderation within that – which is where portion control comes in. even if you’re eating a healthy meal, having portions too large or too small can be problematic, as your body needs what it needs, nothing more and nothing less.

The difficulty of portion control is what we allow ourselves to enjoy, over what we should be enjoying. You can in fact indulge too much in whatever it is you enjoy, and food is something that some find hard to turn down. Food is an experience that can be either pleasant or unpleasant depending on what it is, and usually, when the food is pleasant, the portions are bigger. We want more of what we enjoy, and it’s only natural for that to carry on to the food.

What makes it such a big deal?

Why is controlling your portions just as important if not more important than eating the right foods? While it’s important to make sure you’re not filling up on junk, you need to understand that your body can only process so much nutrition, and the extra fats that it can’t break down are stored. That means if you’re eating smaller portions of unhealthy food, you’re going to have an easier time processing it than an oversized portion of healthier food.

There’s more to it than that, and it’s not just about weight gain – there are benefits of portion control, and downsides to having either portions too big or too small.

The benefits

The benefits of properly portioning food are far greater than the rewards, but it takes you to experience it to understand.

A stronger digestion

As mentioned before, your body finds it easier to process and digest all of the food you eat if you make sure it’s in moderation. The serving size you pick should be based on what your body can handle, and that’s not for your eyes to decide.

A better understanding of your limits

If you’re eating at a restaurant and all of the options sound good to you, you might find yourself ordering food proportions that are too large for you. Once it’s arrived, it’s far too easy to eat all of it, even if realistically your body isn’t going to be able to properly digest all of it. A healthy portion plate is going to help you get a better idea of your own limits, because once you’ve finished it – you’ll realize that it was enough to satisfy your hunger.

Losing weight

The main reason that many people go for smaller portions is weight loss, but getting to that point can be difficult. Of course, eating smaller portions, and properly portioning your food to suit your needs is going to help you lose weight, and you’ll realize that you don’t need large portions to satisfy once you get used to it.

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