Can Eating the Same Thing Everyday Be Bad for a Healthy Body?

should you eat the same thing every day

One of the biggest daily drags is having to figure out what to eat. Not only does it require researching different ingredients and meal inspiration, but also heading out to the shop and taking time out of your day to get it cooked. This is why you could be forgiven for just choosing to eat the same thing to eat every day. Whether this is the same vegetables, fruits or even the same dish, it can be easy to fall into a habit. If you are trying to be good, you might find you eat a chicken salad every day for lunch as it is packed with nutrients, or you could find you have the same soup. While this in theory sounds fine – after all, you’re getting goodness into your body, right? It’s not actually that good for you. Here we take a look at what eating the same thing every day means for your body and diet. 

You’re not challenging your gut microbiome which can affect how you absorb nutrients

Your microbiome health is extremely important for the body to keep it functioning as it should. In order to do this, you need to challenge it as opposed to just feeding it the exact same thing every day. By switching up your diet you encourage your body to properly absorb nutrients and work that bit harder in order to keep your levels in check.

You can negatively impact your gut health

Your gut is sensitive and if you only feed it certain foods it can be negatively impacted. You could find that you suffer from a host of gastro-related issues such as gas, constipation, and bloating. By changing up your diet your stomach will be a lot healthier and you won’t need to worry about these affecting you when you go about your daily life.

You can be deficient in certain nutrients

Your body needs a whole host of nutrients in order to function correctly. From iron and fiber to protein and a range of vitamins, they all have a vital role to play in keeping you healthy. Different nutrients and vitamins help you with different things, whether this be iron for tiredness, vitamin D for your skin and nails, or vitamin A for your vision and promoting a healthy immune system. If you’re eating the same food all the time, chances are this isn’t going to be packing all the nutrients you need, causing you to become deficient. 

These are just some of the reasons that eating the same thing every day might not be as good for you as you could think.

It is important to switch up your diet and change what you eat in order to give your body the right balance and ensure you get all the nutrients that you require to live a healthy life. By finding interesting and fun recipes you can see the fun in creating new foods and dishes and the joy can come back to you with food. 


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