Healthy Living- Fuel Your Body With What it Needs and Wants

why is it important to fuel your body

In today’s modern world, the average individual is bombarded with overwhelming signs from all angles to consume junk food

Roadside billboards tower high with huge adverts featuring fast-food burger chains, social media, and television channels are riddled with junk food marketing campaigns. And, some of the cheapest and most accessible foods in grocery stores are over-processed. Most junk foods are stripped of nearly all their original nutrients. 

But, is this really the fuel that your body needs and wants? The short answer is pretty obviously no. These foods provide little vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds that will keep your mind and body in shape. Food is fuel for your body as gas is for a car. If you were regularly filling up your tank with low-quality fuel that was riddled with chemicals, would you expect it to run at 100%? 

Food Is Fuel For Your Body 

The human body is, in a sense, a finely-tuned biological machine. It is capable of incredible feats of strength, intelligence, memory, learning, and so much more. But as with any finely-tuned machine, it needs access to a source of clean, fulfilling fuel. In the case of the human body, food is the fuel we need to perform all of our daily mental and physical tasks. 

Fuel Your Body With What It Needs And Wants 

Thankfully, learning how to fuel your body with what it needs and wants doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect. Eating a healthy diet can be a simple and achievable goal when you know how. Here are some top tips to help you understand how to fuel your body with what it needs and wants: 

Tip 1 – Opt For Unrefined Carbohydrates 

White bread and other similar white flour sources have essentially been stripped of a large percentage of their nutrients. They go through a number of extra processing methods to reach their final state. Alternatively, unrefined carbohydrates are far more natural and nutritious. Think wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, and other similar typically ‘brown’ carbohydrates. 

Tip 2 – Always Get Your 5-a-Day

Fruit and vegetables are packed full of different nutrients that contribute towards great health and well-being. It’s vital that you can eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables each and every day for the sake of your body and mind. Eating a rainbow of different varieties will help to ensure that you consume all of the nutrients you need. Drink smoothies, eat salads, and snack on fresh fruit and veg to reach and surpass your 5-a-day goal.

Tip 3 – Understand Your Cravings 

It’s very common to have random cravings for specific foods. And more often than not, they tend to be junk foods that aren’t good for your health or well-being. Understanding the sources of these cravings can be of real benefit when you want to fuel your body with what it needs and wants. It’s likely that such a craving is a sign of a vitamin deficiency. But most likely, it can be addressed and resolved by eating healthier foods instead. For example, craving chocolate could mean having low magnesium levels. In this case, you simply eat more raw almonds or some black beans instead. 

Understanding why is it important to fuel your body correctly can give you the motivation you need to change your eating for the better. 


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